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Born in Grenada, W.I. in 1963 and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of 16.

I am self-taught and discovered that I could paint in 1990 when a fellow artist encouraged me to paint using oils. I finally found my medium! There was no stopping me now. I returned to Grenada in 1991 and with canvas and brushes in tow, spent the next seven years re-discovering the island through my work as an Artist - a new-found affinity for my homeland expressed on canvas.

Inspired by the colors and vibrant simplicity of everyday island life, I painted prolifically, having three or four exhibits per year, eventually gaining a following of collectors both from Grenada and abroad.

Most of my original work has sold and for years people have asked me if I have prints of my work and I am pleased to say that now I do. All of my paintings are also available as Giclee prints on canvas or watercolor paper. Please email me with your inquiries.

Giclee's are printed with quality inks which really emulate the vibrant colours that I use and have a reputation for the longevity of the originals.

Over the years, my travels have taken me to Europe, the Americas and throughout the Caribbean and I have found that the lifestyles of the people and cultures that I have encountered have been very inspirational. Over time I have experimented in expressionism and cubism and more recently, realism being the focus of my work.

I have recently moved back to Grenada where I now live and continue to pursue my career as an Artist, participating in 'group' and 'solo' shows.

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